02 Jan

Olamide unconsciously markets Lagos State gov’t

Social media has really made promotional campaigns easy, gone were the days when you do a lot of publicity off-line, printing posters, hand-bills or road shows. these days you just wait for an event or take advantage of a trend.

Olamide and Don Jazzy are top celebrities in Nigeria and anything from their camps goes viral and the Headies wasn’t an exception, we had so many trends in Nigeria, and how they helped marketing campaigns easily.

LAWMA also took advantage, moment Olamide used the hashtag #LeaveTrashForLawma, they joined the conversation. That was just what they needed, apparently other agencies would have overlooked the situation and just forget about it.

The Agency used the opportunity to pass their messages to lagosians, making them know how important they could leave their waste for LAWMA and these was a professional ethics.

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