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30 Jan

Things to know before brands endorse a celebrity

By Solabomi Okonkwo There is no doubt about the power of a ‘star’, the question is about how best to harness it for your brand? The use of a...

03 Jan

5 ways you’re killing your productivity and how to fix it

BY KATHLEEN WONGJUL 06, 2015 How diligently do you work each weekday? Americans waste a supposed $1.8 trillion in lost workplace productivity, according to The Washington Post. Factors in this...

03 Jun

3 Keys for Experiential Marketing Effectiveness

Customers want their voices heard like never before. They want to know that their concerns are acknowledged. They want to know that their wants are being met. And, they...

02 Jun

Six inspiring new examples of experiential marketing

The premise of experiential marketing is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. If a branded...

31 May

Here Are 15 of Marketing’s Most Memorable Experiential Moves

From Red Bull to Gatorade, These Are the Experiences to Remember 20th Century Fox: “The Simpsons Kwik-E Mart” (Featured) In 2007, 20th Century Fox hyped the release of “The...

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