It’s important to get an idea of what each company wishes to achieve. We like to meet in-person for a quick brief.

No further obligation, En.Core would puts together three different well thought out strategies that we think can work for your brand in a mini written proposal format. We hope this gives you an understanding of our thinking and capabilities.

After signalling which of the three strategies your company would like to see developed, we write a full proposal equipped with objectives/targets, critical path, costs, signage, materials, vendor and permit needs and much more. This is done at no cost. We’re confident at this stage you’ll become invested in our ideology.

En.Core manages all aspects of implementation including brand ambassadors, scheduling, onsite management, signage, apparel, graphic design, permits, sound, staging, videographer, photography, storage and liability insurance amongst other aspects.

All clients are provided with post program reports. Reports are not cookie cutter. They don’t fill in a template and are all written from scratch.