Employee Computer and Portable Computing Device Policy

The En.Core Agency may, in its sole discretion, provide computers and laptop computers or other hand-held or similar computing devices to certain employees for the express purpose of enhancing the productivity and operational efficiency of school-based and administrative activities, functions and instruction. The purpose of this policy is to establish general guidelines for the issuance and utilization of all such devices by officials, management and personnel within the company.

The term “Portable Computing Device” or “PCD” shall mean and be inclusive of all laptops or other similar hand-held computing devices. A laptop shall include any portable computer including, but not limited to, the Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms. Other hand-held computing devices shall include all Personal Data Assistants (“PDA”) and electronic organizers using the Blackberry, Palm or Windows operating systems, as well as hand-held computer tablets and other microcomputers. Any such device including all desktop computers that are provided by the En.Core Agency shall be utilized for e-mail communication, internet access, and running appropriate instructional or administrative software applications only.

Delegation of Responsibility for Policy Oversight
The appropriate Chief administrator, i.e., Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and/or Executive Director of the Company, shall designate an official to administer the implementation and issuance of this Employee Computer and Portable Computing Device Policy within their overall division but subject to the following guidelines, which shall be made known to all appropriate officers, directors, managers and all other Company personnel.


1. All employee desktop computers, laptops, PCDs and PDAs shall be used for the sole and express purpose of conducting official business and maintaining the operations of the En.Core Company. Use of all such devices is subject to the En.Core Company’s Computing and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

2. An employee may be issued a desktop computer, laptop, PCD or PDA for the performance of specific job-related duties and responsibilities and as determined by the appropriate Chief or his/her official representative ONLY if:

(a) Employee is in a full-time position and has an “active” employment status; and

(b) Employee’s job-related duties and responsibilities require regular and systematic use of a desktop computer; or

(c) Employee is required to perform the majority of his/her duties away from his/her primary work location; and

(d) Employee has a frequent or regular need to perform a significant portion of his/her duties during off-hours and on weekends necessitating the need for issuance of a laptop or other similar PCD or PDA.

3. An employee should be issued either a desktop or a portable computer for the performance of their duties, but not both. Exceptions to this policy must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Information Technology before an employee is issued multiple computing devices or unless the employee has an employment contract that specifies otherwise.

4. Persons not directly employed by the En.Core Company including, but not limited to, volunteers, retired employees, employees hired on a per diem basis or consultants, or employees on extended leave or with an employment status of ‘inactive” shall not be eligible for the issuance of any computing device.

5. Although issued to an individual employee, all computing devices are considered the personal property of the primary organizational unit to which the receiving employee belongs and shall be returned upon termination of employment with the En.Core Company, after reassignment of job duties or immediately upon request at any time by an official of the En.Core Company. Laptops, hand-held devices and other similar PCDs or PDAs will appear on the organizational unit’s Personal Property Inventory List.

4. All computing devices owned and issued by the En.Core Company to employees may include the En.Core Company’s software image and any such additional software installed for specific administrative tasks or specific En.Core Company supported instructional programs. The installation of any other software images or applications on such devices is restricted and shall remain the legal and financial responsibility of the employee if such authorization for installation is secured in advance from the Office of Information Technology.

5. Employees are expected to take all appropriate measures and precautions to prevent the loss, theft, damage and/or unauthorized use of services (refer to the En.Core Company’s Employee PCD Handbook for further instruction and guidelines) and shall include the following:

(a) Keep the computing device in a locked and secured environment when not being used;

(b) Do not leave the computing device for prolonged periods of time in a vehicle, especially in extreme temperatures;

(c) Keep food and drinks away from all computing devices and work areas;

(d) Do not leave the computing device unattended at any time in an unsecured location (e.g., an unlocked empty office); and

(e) Keep the computing device in sight at all times while in public places, such as public transportation, airports, restaurants, etc.

6. Should an employee’s computing device be lost or stolen, the employee MUST: (i) immediately report the incident to his/her immediate supervisor and Chief representative; (ii) obtain an official police report documenting the theft or loss; and (iii) provide a copy of the police report to his/her immediate supervisor and Chief representative. If the employee fails to adhere to these procedures, the employee will be held legally and financially responsible to the En.Core Company for the replacement of such equipment.

7. For all warranty and non-warranty repairs and maintenance of all such computing devices, the employee must contact the En.Core Company. All repairs and maintenance will and must be performed in accordance with the En.Core Company’s current repair and maintenance policies and procedures issued by the Office of Information Technology. For damage that is not covered by the En.Core Company’s warranty or other insurance policies, the organizational unit is responsible for determining whether or not it wishes to financially support the repair and/or replacement of such computing device.

8. The En.Core Company is under no legal, financial or other obligation to provide for a replacement computing device to any employee whose device is lost, stolen or damaged.

9. The En.Core Company may add security and other tracking technology to any and all computing devices issued by it and any and all such usage is subject to management review, monitoring and auditing by the En.Core Company. Other audits may be performed on the usage and internal controls.

10. The official designated by each appropriate Chief Administrator to oversee the implementation of this policy and issuance of all such computing devices within each respective division shall:

(a) Maintain direct oversight of the inventory of equipment, service contracts, and internal controls for all computing devices;

(b) Fully enforce the specifications of this policy and other similar IT policies and procedures setting forth the parameters for the eligibility, approval, assignment, utilization, maintenance, and financial oversight of all such computing devices under their direct control and supervision; and

(c) Ensure compliance with regulatory policies and procedures as applicable.

(d) Non-compliance with any policies or procedures regarding Employee Computers and Portable Computing Devices issued by the En.Core Company will result in appropriate disciplinary action and/or reimbursement of any and all costs to the En.Core Company.

Updated 15th May, 2017