En.Core has implemented several successful experiential marketing and street team campaigns since 2015. Amongst others we are proud to have implemented street team programs for companies such as Ciroc Nigeria, Diageo Nigeria, Guinness Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, VISA, Virgin Atlantic, Hypertek Entertainment and Dansa. In 2016 we became operational in Accra, Ghana, in our bid to conquer the west African coast.

Street teams offer immediate impressions and a point of contact in an unfamiliar location. They are successful because they are mobile and can go directly to a target market. Street teams are more ‘guerrilla’ than ‘experiential’ marketing and are less expensive to execute, because there are less associated costs. Experiential marketing usually requires Signage, Permits, Exhibits and A/V where street team programs do not.

Brand Ambassadors are the perfect tool to engage consumers via free sampling of a brand. Sampling is one of the most common experiential marketing strategies.

Many brands still value sampling as the most effective marketing tool for launching a new product or generating brand awareness. En.Core can create events marketing programs from scratch, unique to your brand.

Experiential marketing is about more than simply distributing samples. We’ll build an experience to make the distribution component one part of this jigsaw.